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Solørlag of America is a bygdelag for people with roots in Hedmark fylke .

Since reactivation in 1983 , the lag's current membership numbers 400
and includes people with roots not only in the old Solør parishes of Brandval , Grue , Hof ,
Åsnes and Våler , but also from Odal , Kongsvinger and Eidskog , plus Hedmark's northern
area of Østerdalen and Hedemarken near Lake Mjøsa .

Large numbers of Finnish people settled in the forests of Hedmark along the Swedish border
in the 1700's and 1800's and many marriages created ties across that border .
Many lag members have roots that go back to these Finnish immigrants to Norway .

Solørlag's Purpose

Solørlag's purpose is to provide education and research opportunities for all who have interest
in Norway , but particularly in the fylke of Hedmark . Through these activities contacts are
continually developed with Norway , and interest and knowledge of our Norwegian heritage is passed on to our descendants . Solørlag's extensive collection of research materials continues to grow through member donations and silent auction proceeds .

Solørlag Logo

Solørlag's logo depicts the Glomma , Norway's
longest river , Which provides a common bond
for parishes from north to south in Hedmark .
For many years large quantities of timber were
floated to market on the Glomma . To reflect this
bond the lag newsletter is called "Glåma Ekko".

Solørlag Stevne

Solørlag's stevner are held in mid-September at various midwest location in an effort to
reach more people and visit different historic Norwegian settlements .Traditionally located
in a hotel/convention center , each stevne provides researchers with four days of access to
machines and materials until the wee hours of the morning , or as long as their stamina permits .

Our stevne features themes to highlight our heritage and activities such as tours of
Norwegian history in the area , Norwegian crafters , films , talks , song and dance ,
research and network with one another . Inquiries are welcome .

The 2018 Solørlag stevne will be Fergus Falls

Membership in Solørlag

Membership in Solørlag is open to all . Current membership include those with
roots in many areas of Hedmark . Membership includes four newsletters a year ,
advance notice of stevne information and an opportunity to get to know many others
whose ancestral roots grow close to your own .


$ 15.00 Individual
$ 20.00 Household (limited to 2 people)
$200.00 Lifetime Individual
$300.00 Lifetime Household (limited to 2 people)
$500.00 Lifetime Patron Individual
Foreign is same as above


Vice President
LeAnn Hookom
Kathy Johnson
Marie Thompson
LaVonne Hookom
Doug Johnson
Kathy Johnson
Elaine Hasleton
Pam & Jerry Solwey
Rod Kurth
Mark Troemner
Carrie Herfindahl
Eden Prairie, MN
Madison, WI
Mason City, IA
Willmar, MN
Madison, WI
Centerville, UT
Townsend, MT
Metamora, IL
Hudson, WI
River Falls, WI


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